About our work

Dr. Bernd Tröger Industrial Representations and Consulting looks back at a long tradition as a competent representation. This experience is the today's basis for the quality of our work.


Tröger Industrial Representations was founded in the beginning of the 1970s by Hans Tröger and managed by him as a family company till 1995. In 1996 the company was taken over from his son Dr. Bernd Tröger and was strengthened by an employee for office guidance and customer care since 1997.


In the course of the introduction of the euro since 2002 and the economic reliefs linked with it in international trade, we have been interested increasingly also in supplier from the EU. The representations of our today's partner companies from Italy are a result from these efforts.


More than 15-years of know-how concerning the introduction of foreign supplier in the German market show us that one of the most important tasks of the representative, beside product knowledge and market knowledge, insists on clearing misunderstandings and inexact images about the German Market and beyond it on accompanying actively the cooperation of the foreign company with the German company especially in the area of mutual understanding.


Above all things this requires on the part of the foreign supplier the will to approach to the German market and if necessary to transact the appropriate investments with staff and in technical area in order to be attractive for the German customer. Contact persons in business and technical area with sufficient English linguistic proficiency are indispensable for the success of a cooperation.


Just in the field of the industrial representation a cooperation makes only sense for me, if my work is not considered as a „free extra“ besides already existing customer relations, but if active support is performed to achieve a mutual benefit. This means that breaking into the German market by means of a sales representative may not be considered as a „zero - investment option“ for the quick success.


Basic points for a co-operation with contract

As a commercial representative (specialisation industrial representation), I am a self-employed businessman who is asked to provide business (sales of semi-finished products) for another or several other companies (supplier/s).


A commercial representative is a self-employed businessman who is constantly entrusted with arranging business for another entrepreneur or effecting business in his name. §84 Abs.1 HGB (= commercial representative's right)


In this sense I arrange business in foreign (represented company) name and on foreign (represented company) account.


The legal position of the sales representative is that of a self-employed businessman. He is an independent entrepreneur like the supplier whom he represents.


As a commercial representative I am essentially free in the creation of my activity and the regulation of my working hours. This personal independence distinguishes the commercial representative from the dependent employee respectively the commercial traveler.


A characteristic feature of my activity as a commercial representative is my intention to build up independently a long lasting established clientele for the represented company and and also to take care for them.

As a commercial representative I am not a trader. Because of a ban on competition by law (German HGB) I am not allowed to offer products of the same kind of different represented companies, so my company portfolio encloses only non competitive companies.


I usually work on commission, that means I receive for my activity a certain percentage of the turnover provided for the represented company. The amount of the commission rate is negotiated individually and depends on the product.


To the rights and duties of the commercial representative see commercial representative's right

§84 HGB following



Mainly I work on the basis of an area protection (customer protection is possible in special cases) and exclusively according to German right, because the transactions are made in Germany with German customers according to German contracts. Contracts have to be in German / foreign language.

Main points of activity

The main focus of my activity is a continuous, specific search for compatible business partners for the companies represented by me. The criteria of technical and administrative compatibility are vital for me. The proper personal contact with the customer as well as an open and honest negotiations strategy attracts my special attention. Just so I advise my represented company in case of problems with the customer as well as in case of complaints.


We represent middle-class and smaller companies in the industry (with consultation-intensive products or production processes) who aim at a long-term co-operation with their customer and who wish our intensive support with the organisation of the customer relations.


Our main focuses in the field of industrial representation:


  • semifinished products from metal

  • metallic materials

  • induction heating systems


Our main products at the moment:


  • drawn ferrous wire

  • stamped and bended parts

  • induction heating systems

Consulting "company compatibility consulting"

We offer to all interested foreign companies a special consulting that we call:


„company compatibility consulting“.


That means we check the compatibility of your ideas, plans and abilities concerning your future activities in Germany with the German way of doing business.


We try to understand the way how your company works and communicates as a whole and we give you detailed information about your chances to cooperate with German companies and their departments as well as with German administrative demands.


So we don´t offer a market research as a first step, but we help you to rate your ability to cooperate with German companies before you waste time and money!


Consulting fees are calculated by hours or days of work plus travel costs and accomodation if necessary. For more information please contact us.


Market knowledge and skills

Our industrial representation developed on the base of the representation of drawn iron wire, stamped parts as well as turned parts and pipe parts.

For 10 years we represented a producer of aluminium sandcast parts from Spain.

Based on former representations we have knowledge in the field of coated aluminium sheets/-coils, steel coils/-sheets, bronze bearings and aluminium pressure die cast parts.

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